Model-turned-actor Tyrese Gibson is still so wrapped up in his DEATH RACE character MACHINE GUN JOE he wants to rev it up with co-star Jason Statham for real.
The two action men shared top billing in the ultra-violent, high-octane prison movie and Gibson can't shake his speed-loving convict character, who races Statham's Frankenstein to the death in the film.
He says, "I called Jason out. He looks nice on camera in all of his movies, you know driving fast cars, blowing up the directors and all that.
"He's like this big rock star but let's take it to the freeway for real. Let's go get us a high-speed speeding ticket. Let's go dip in and out of the traffic. So let's go make it happen. I'm calling him out and I'm gonna keep calling him out until he accepts my offer because I'm ready.
"Racing is what I do in the streets for real."