Tyra Banks has thanked her ''genius professors'' for their help at Harvard Business School.

The 45-year-old supermodel opened up about returning to school prior to the launch of her an inclusive and size-positive model-themed amusement park in Los Angeles, Modelland, and has expressed her gratitude to the school's faculty for their ''world-class knowledge'' and ''tireless teachings''.

Sharing a picture of herself sat in her dorm room on Instagram, she said: ''I am sitting in my @harvardhbs dorm pondering the massive undertaking of @ModelLandthat launches later this year. I came to the business school many years ago with the #ModelLand dream in mind and now launch is so close.

''I have returned to school to refresh the knowledge I gained and to make sure I am more than equipped to bring you an attraction like you've never experienced before. A place that allows you to be the fantasy version of yourself.

''The genius professors here at #HBS are sharing their world class knowledge so that I can then take that and give YOU what you deserve. Thank you to all of the faculty for your tireless teachings and for believing in your students so much.

I hope to make you proud. (sic)''

The 'America's Next Top Model' founder announced plans for a beauty theme park with ''technology at the forefront'' earlier this year and previously revealed the details of the attraction which is coming to Santa Monica later this year.

She said: ''We're very open to partnering with and having integrations with different brands that bring technology to the forefront and make sure what we're providing in Modelland are things you cannot do on your phone.''