Tyra Banks has launched her new fashion website 'TypeF.com'.
Tyra Banks, the American model and television personality, has launched her new fashion and beauty website, reports CBS News.It was reported earlier this week that the 37-year-old has been attending Harvard Business School since last year and she is also writing her debut novel. When discussing the reasons for starting up the website, Banks told 'Early Show' host Chris Wragge, "One thing school has taught me is to stick with your core competent competency. And I know fashion and beauty". When pushed on the meaning behind the name 'Type F', the model said, "It means whatever you want to mean. For me it means type fierce. It's a place; to me, it's a revolutionary destination where women can come and get personalized information for them based on their specific body types". Banks reportedly pays $31,000 a year to study on Harvard's prestigious 'Management Program' and 'TypeF.com' represents her first venture since enrolling.
Tyra Banks is currently midway through hosting the 15th season of 'America's Next Top Model' and her debut novel 'Modelland' will hit shelves in September 2011. 'TypeF.com' offers beauty tips, fashion advice and gives users the chance to upload their own 'look'.