Former model Tyra Banks has been experiencing life behind bars - as research for her talk show. The beauty spent a day in jail having asked to be treated as an inmate, and was horrified at the plight of incarcerated women. Banks was especially shocked to learn that the majority of women were jailed because of men and she brought some of the inmates out with her to share their stories on her show. She says, "I wanted to do this because I was shocked to learn that the majority of women in prison are there because of their husbands or their boyfriends. "A lot of them were facing life sentences...and they came from all walks of life. They could be your mother, your sister, or even your daughter. These women truly touched my heart, and what I learned definitely changed my life forever. "It was one of the most shocking, eye-opening and terrifying experiences of my life. I felt violated. It felt too real to me."