Supermodel Tyra Banks almost quit her hit America's Next Top Model because the pressures of producing the programme caused her too much stress.
The runway beauty created the show in 2003, and it has since become one of the most popular fashion programmes in reality TV, airing for an impressive 19 seasons.
But Banks admits that she was ready to walk away from the very project that kickstarted her television career due after struggling to juggle her roles as host and executive producer.
In an interview with the New York Post, Banks confesses, "I've thought about turning the reigns over. I had to be reminded that the show is my baby. A few years ago, I was willing to give my baby up for adoption!"
The 38 year old, who recently graduated from Harvard Business School, reveals she is now focused on learning how to share the workload.
She says, "I am learning how to delegate, and how to empower people. It has decreased my stress more. Now we are going to be producing so much more television. I didn't produce more TV because I am so much a micro-manager, hands on. But now, I realise that in order to truly grow, I have to delegate and find amazing people that are better at it than me."
And although she has signed on to continue her hosting and producing duties for America's Next Top Model, Banks still has faith that the show can continue on without her there everyday.
She adds, "We have 24 formats around the globe that don't have me (as host). So (in America), I would hope (that it would still be a success)."