American author KARRINE STEFFANS has accused Tyra Banks of sleeping with a host of Hollywood men, after arguing with the supermodel on her forthcoming talk show.

Angry Steffans, who appeared on Banks' show to discuss her memoir CONFESSIONS OF A VIDEO VIXEN, says the beauty attacked her for revealing love affairs with high-profile hip-hop and sports stars.

Steffans tells the New York Daily News, "(Banks) insisted I wrote Confessions because I was angry and wanted revenge. She said, 'These are my colleagues. They're people I know well!'

"Despite what she thinks, she and I are not that different. I have even heard her being referred to as a 'Hollywood Hop', for the many men in Hollywood who have bedded her and moved on.

"(I was so angry) all I could think about was snatching her wig off!"

Bank's manager Benny Medina responds, "Tyra certainly never slept around. You can count her relationships on one hand.

"Steffans glorifies this lifestyle in the book. But on the show, I think she is ashamed of it."