Six women have been injured and three people arrested after a "stampede" broke out outside an audition for the US TV show American's Next Top Model.

Local reports describe how chaos erupted as thousands of women queued in New York for a chance to appear on the hit show.

The New York police department said two women and a man had been arrested on charged on inciting a riot and disorderly conduct.

Reports suggest the situation got out of control when a car pulled up near the line of women with smoke pouring out of it and someone shouted "fire". Local radio stations claim the situation was then compounded when a man got out of the car and started grabbing some of the women's bags.

Six women required medical treatment following the melee, with two reported to have been taken to hospital.

The women were all applying for a place on the 13th series of the popular show, hosted by model Tyra Banks.

15/03/2009 08:42:59