Model-turned-chat show host Tyra Banks had R+B star Ciara squirming in her seat during a recent appearance on her programme - by grilling her about a "secret romance" with 50 Cent. The singer set temperatures soaring this summer (07) when she and rapper 50 stripped off for the video to accompany their duet Can't Leave 'Em Alone - prompting speculation they were dating. Both insist their video embraces were just for the cameras, but even Banks refuses to believe the pair are just good friends. And, when Ciara appeared on her U.S. show on Friday (12Oct07), the retired catwalk star let the singer know her thoughts. She said, "(In the video) you're holding him from the back and rubbing his chest and I'm like, 'OK, the director told her to do that.' "(Your) hand slips up to his nipple, she's from the back and she squeezes the nipple and I'm like, 'Child, they dating (sic).'" But a red-faced Ciara protested the video concept was all innocent - she wanted to get naked with 50 to show off his body art. She explained, "I feel it's very important with all my videos and the records, you wanna put as much life into the record as you can. "I wanted to have fun and that scene is an idea that I came up with - I thought it would be cool because I feel, like, he has a nice body, but I feel like his tattoos and everything is like artwork (sic), and so I said, `We can do something really nice and elegant.'"