Supermodel-turned-talk show host Tyra Banks is set to don a fat suit to find out just what it's like to be morbidly overweight in America.

The Victoria's Secret catwalk queen hit Los Angeles' trendiest spots for the taped expose, which will appear on an upcoming episode of her TV show, and even signed up for three blind dates.

Banks hopes the show will expose discrimination against overweight women.

She says, "I used to think black people had it the worst, because of history and because we have dark skin, but I started to notice it's people who are overweight (who get it worst).

"It's the last PC (politically correct) thing to make fun of. If you heard somebody making negative comments about Latins or blacks or whites or Asians, you'd want to kick their a*s."

The programme will air in the US next week (07NOV05).