Tyler Posey refused to allow having his private photographs hacked to ''stress'' him out.

The 25-year-old actor joined an increasingly long list of well-known public figures to have their private photos stolen in January, but Tyler says his relaxed attitude towards the incident has helped him to overcome any potential embarrassment.

Tyler - whose private photo collection included some nude images - explained: ''I don't care. It puts less stress [on you] if you just brush it off.''

The heartthrob also revealed he was informed through the post that someone had managed to hack his iCloud.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Tyler explained: ''I got a letter in the mail saying I'm a victim of a case of somebody who hacked iCloud. I think I had my identity taken. I think I've had it stolen.''

Despite this, Tyler is still able to see the funny side of the hacking incident.

And the dark-haired actor revealed he would like to steal the identity of American musician Tom DeLonge - who starred in the band Blink-182 - if he had the chance.

Tyler quipped: ''I would steal his identity circa 2002 era. I would go back in time for that.''

The 'Teen Wolf' star is currently dating actress Sophia Ali, but before the celebrity duo were spotted together at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, Tyler had been trying to keep his burgeoning romance a mystery.

In fact, in one interview earlier this year, Tyler listed a number of things he loved about his new relationship, but refused to reveal his girlfriend's identity.

He said: ''I really admire her. I think she's extremely talented and a great person. I'm inspired by her a lot, and she intimidates me sometimes, which I'm not really used to.

''I'm nervous right now talking about it. She's beautiful, really cool, has a lot of the same interests. I could go on about that, too.''