Tyler Perry was inspired to open up about his horrific childhood - after watching Oprah Winfrey reveal her own dealings with abusive relatives.
The Madea Goes To Jail filmmaker penned a candid email to fans earlier this month (Oct09), explaining how he had suffered violence at the hands of his father and paternal grandmothers, and had even been molested by a man in his neighbourhood.
But it was only after viewing a 1991 special episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show - in which she told her audience she had been verbally and physically abused by family members - that Perry understood how cathartic letting your secrets out could be.
He tells People.com, "After I found a dictionary and looked up 'cathartic,' I realised what she (Winfrey) was saying, so I started writing."
And the director believes his co-produced movie with Winfrey, Precious, is going to break further boundaries on the topic of child abuse.
He adds, "The story of abuse in our community and in many communities is still a taboo subject."