Actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry has successfully won a six-year trademark battle to secure the rights to the phrase 'What Would Jesus Do?'

The Alex Cross star filed paperwork to register the saying in the entertainment services category in 2008, a few months after Kimberly Kearney, who appeared as a contestant on U.S. reality series I Want to Work for Diddy, had applied for the trademark.

Kearney, who was known by the nickname Poprah during her time on the Vh1 programme, accused Perry of stealing the idea after she allegedly pitched him a reality Tv show using the title.

In 2010, Perry's lawyers asked trademark officials to declare her registration abandoned amid claims she was not actively using it, and now, four years later, he has succeeded, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Judges at the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cancelled Kearney's trademark last month (Jun14), leaving Perry free to use 'What Would Jesus Do?' for live concerts, Tv programming and motion pictures.