Actor/director Tyler Perry came face-to-face with a group of strangers he helped get back on their feet on Thursday (18Oct12) during an emotional episode of U.S. TV show Katie.

The Good Deeds star secretly donated money to two families and a struggling children's organisation after hearing about their financial plight in the media, and on Thursday he was personally thanked for his random acts of kindness via a taped video message and surprise onstage meeting.

A grateful mum, identified only as Yolanda, said, "My daughter's van had been stolen. I reached out to the local television station in the area in Atlanta (Georgia) and they contacted her and they aired her story. And next thing I know I get a phone call saying Tyler Perry is gonna buy her a new van - and that's what he did... He's our angel here on earth."

Perry also paid for vital repairs on a local home after a large tree fell and destroyed the dwelling, and handed money over to the Global Medical Relief Fund, which aids permanently-injured kids.

The actor/filmmaker was visibly moved by the meet-and-greet, choking back tears as he hugged each guest he had helped.