Tyler Perry 's Atlanta studios caught fire on Tuesday evening (May 1, 2012), sending flames into the night sky, reports the Huffington Post. There were no reports of injuries from the blaze that began before 9pm, though it burned through the building's exterior surface, according to Atlanta Fire Capt Jolyon Bundrige.

Dorothy Ware, a resident who lives in a nearby high-rise apartment, said, "It was all in flames.The building started popping.Whatever the fire was hitting, was blowing up. There were plenty of sparks coming over here where we are". More than 100 fighters responded to the blaze, and were able to limit the damage caused to the multi-million dollar premises, which includes a 200,000-square-foot studio, five sound stages, a 400-seat theatre, a chapel, dining hall, gymnasium and five-acre pond. It is currently unclear what caused the fire, though an investigation is thought to be underway. The premises also includes an art department, where sets for shows are designed, and a post-production facility. Perry - whose movies include 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman', 'Why Did I Get Married?' and 'Daddy's Little Girls' - was working at the complex on Tuesday evening but was not harmed in the blaze.

In 2011, the filmmaker was named the highest paid man in the entertainment business by Forbes magazine, who estimated he had earned $130 million in just 12 months.