Tyler Perry says single mums should be ''celebrated''.

The 'A Madea Christmas' actor - who directed, penned, produced and stars in 'The Single Moms Club' - was sitting behind Jared Leto at the Oscars on March 2, and he could see the emotional impact the star's words had when he paid tribute to ''high school dropout and a single mum'' Constance after he won the Best Supporting Actor trophy.

Perry is delighted that the difficulty in raising children in single parent families is being addressed and their achievements are being recognised.

Talking to variety.com at the premiere of the film in Hollywood on Monday (10.03.14), he said: ''I was sitting behind her (at the Oscars) and (could) see the emotion of her being a single mum.

''I just think that it's about them being celebrated, so it's pretty exciting.''

Perry gushed about having a ''really good team'' to work with on the project.

He added: ''I have a really good team who held all this together for me, so it's all about the team. If you've got a good team, you can manage a lot of things.''

Meanwhile, Cocoa Brown, who plays Lytia in the comedy drama, insists she could relate to her character since her personal life reflects many of the issues her alter-ego faces as a single mum.

She added: ''I became a single mother while we were filming. I was going through a separation.

''This movie has been very therapeutic to me, and the village that I created with my castmates.''