Author Terri Strickland filed legal papers in October (15), alleging the Gone Girl star stole the idea for his film from her book Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit, after she mailed a copy of the novel to his Atlanta, Georgia office in 2008.

In the lawsuit, Strickland claimed she was seeking a production deal for the story, but instead Perry reportedly developed the film on his own and did not credit Strickland. The writer went on to explain her book featured a unique plot line, characters and themes which were similar to the movie, which starred Perry, Gabrielle Union and Thandie Newton.

She was seeking the monetary damages and an injunction, but Perry hit back at the allegations in January (16) and asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

Last week (ends25Mar16), a federal judge sided with the 46-year-old actor/director and threw out the case.

The judge's decision was influenced by the fact that Strickland had previously sued Perry for $225,000 (£160,000) in 2012, under the name Terri Donald, but that case was dismissed in August, 2013. The judge ruled it is illegal to sue over the same claims as the previous lawsuit, according to

The drama, which starred Perry as a wealthy businessman who meets a struggling single mother, grossed around $35 million (£24.8 million) at the U.S. box office after its February, 2012 release.