Tyler Perry has encountered more woes after it was reported that a fire broke out at his Atlanta movie studio.
"Atlanta firefighters responded immediately to a fire that damaged the backlot facade of one of the buildings at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta," said a spokesperson of Perry's in a statement to AbcNews.com. "We are grateful that there were no injuries, and that 99 percent of the damage is limited to the backlot facade. Mr. Perry wishes to express his heartfelt thanks to the Atlanta fire department for its professionalism in their quick response and limiting the damage."
More than a 100 fire fighters came to put out the blaze with it not being known how it started - it could've been accidental or on purpose. Explaining the damage, Atlanta Fire Department spokesperson J.L Burridge said "The bulk of the fire was on the exterior of the building, but due to the concrete masonry construction behind the exterior fascia, fire did not penetrate the exterior wall. The interior only suffered some water damage." The 200,000-square-foot studio, situated on 30 acres, opened in 2008 and is home to five sound stages and a 400-seat theatre; for Perry it's a landmark to how hard he's had to fight to overcome a life of hardship including a traumatic upbringing, homelessness and racial profiling. The damage is likely to be more than purely monetary for the film mogul.