Tyler Perry has stood by his decision to give the leading role of his forthcoming film to TV personality, socialite, but largely agreed-upon shoddy actor Kim Kardashian. Kardashian's movie credits are slim but terrible, appearing in the almost 100% panned 'Disaster Movie' back in 2008 at a time when everyone had pretty much had their fill of spoofs following the protracted misery of the 'Scary Movie' franchise. She also appeared in the film 'Deep In The Valley' in 2009, another poorly received effort.
However Perry claims that she'll do herself justice in his forthcoming movie 'The Marriage Counselor.' Talking to Access Hollywood he said "I wrote a role especially for her. It's a small role that she does a great job with. And I'm excited about it," continuing "I think it was a great experience for her and I think she was definitely supposed to be there."
Perry was at a promotional event for his latest film 'Good Deeds' but found himself answering more questions about Kardashian. Reacting to queries about whether he really thought she had what it take to make it in the film industry, he furthered "It depends on the role and the amount of work that she's willing to put into it," finishing "She certainly has what it takes to make it happen." We're not too convinced ourselves Tyler.