Moviemaker Tyler Perry has given Jennifer Hudson a boost as she attempts to bounce back from family tragedy - he has written a film around her.
Perry insists he'll wait until the Oscar-winner is ready to get back to acting after her mother, brother and nephew were shot dead last October (09) - and that won't happen until Hudson completes an upcoming tour with Robin Thicke.
But Tyler is patient.
He tells, "I just wrote a movie for her that I'm really excited about. I'm hoping she'll be able to do it.
"Looking (at) and talking to her, there's sadness in her eyes, but my thoughts and prayers are always with her. That's one of the reasons why I want her to do this role, because I think it'd be really cathartic for her to take it on and work through some things.
"(Jennifer) says that she's been wanting to work with me for a a very long time and I definitely want to work with her. We just have to find the right time."