Why Did I Get Married?, although not previewed for critics, nevertheless got some positive reviews from them over the weekend. Jeanette Catsoulis in the New York Times called it "a beautifully shot (by Toyomichi Kurita), fluid drama filled with compassionately written characters." An Bob Longino in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution commented that the film "might require a warning label: Prolonged audience laughter can cause moviegoers to miss some dialogue." That, he added is "a problem many Hollywood-made comedies only wish they had."

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Media by Numbers:
1. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, $21.5 million; 2. The Game Plan, $11.5 million; 3. Michael Clayton, $11.01 million; 4. We Own the Night, $11 million; 5. The Heartbreak Kid, $7.4 million; 6. Elizabeth: The Golden Age, $6.2 million; 7. The Kingdom, $4.6 million; 8. Across the Universe, $4 million; 9. Resident Evil: Extinction, $2.65 million; 10. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, $2.15 million.