DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN star Tyler Perry's latest movie, MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION, shot straight to the top of the US box office with $30.25 (GBP17.8 million) in takings over the weekend.

Based on Perry's stage play, Madea's Family Reunion depicts a dysfunctional family preparing for a family reunion.

Paul Walker's film EIGHT BELOW, featuring a pack of sled dogs in Antarctica, slipped to second place with $15.7 million (GBP9.2 million).

Other new releases opened to disappointing box-office results.

Animated film DOOGAL, a fairy-tale adventure featuring the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Fallon, debuted at number eight with $3.6 million (GBP2.1 million).

Another Paul Walker film, crime thriller RUNNING SCARED, opened at number nine with $3.1 million (GBP1.8 million).