Tyler Perry brings back his most popular character, Madea, to theaters this weekend in Madea Goes to Jail , and she's expected to slay Jason, who slashed his way to the top of the box office last weekend in the remake of Friday the 13th . But, as with previous Tyler Perry movies, the new one has not been screened for critics. The website EURweb.com quoted Perry as saying. "If critics or people who have negative things to say about it -- too much Christianity, too predictable, or the story's are too simple -- if they knew the audience that I was speaking to; if they knew that I was speaking to three year-olds and 86 year-olds; if they knew that I was speaking to people who have Harvard degrees or people who have never gone to school, [they would know] it's a blessing to be able to cross all these different people." The only other film opening wide is the Sony comedy Fired Up . But the main competition for all films this weekend will be Sunday's telecast of the Oscars, which generally is the second-most-watched show of the year, behind the Super Bowl.