The Rack City star, who has had a number of legal issues with previous landlords, is being sued by the owner of the space Tyga rented for his company Egypt Last Kings Clothing.

In the lawsuit, the unnamed landlord claims he visited the property in June, 2015 to find it had been abandoned and left in a state. He has accused the rapper of painting the doors and ceiling tiles, leaving ink stains on the floor and pouring ink down the drain.

The landlord wants $75,000 (£52,000) to repair the damage plus five months' rent, according to

The 26-year-old, real name Micheal Nguyen-Stevenson, has responded to the allegations, laying the blame on the landlord. The rapper is convinced the building was not up to standard.

Tyga has a long history with landlord lawsuits. He was sued in May, 2015 for unpaid rent on a Calabasas, California home he lived in 2010, and he was ordered to pay $80,000 (£56,000). He also became embroiled in a legal battle with another landlord over a similar issue.

Tyga moved in with on-off reality star girlfriend Kylie Jenner, but reports published in November (15) suggested he had moved out amid fears they were spending too much time together.

He relocated to a place in the Hollywood Hills, where he ran into more legal trouble. He faced eviction from his home in February (16) for falling behind on rent again. According to the New York Post, Tyga had been living in a $4.8 million (£3.3 million) house, which costs $17,000-a-month (£12,000) in rent, since December (15).