Tyga's custom convertible Maybach is set to go up for auction.

The 'Rack City' rapper - whose real name is Micheal Ray Stevenson - previously sold his custom-built white convertible car to celebrity car broker Richie Rich, who is now putting it back on the market for a cool $1 million.

Tyga, 28, had originally purchased the car from Richie after the broker bought the vehicle in order to trick it out specifically for the rapper, but he has since sold it back to Richie once again.

According to The Blast, the car was originally a hard-top Maybach, but Richie took it to West Coast Customs, who customised it for the rapper, which included chopping the top off and making into a convertible.

Since then, the vehicle has been decked out with gadgets including new audio equipment, a new retractable roof, and interior electronics.

The Blast also reports that several high profile people are showing interest in the luxury vehicle, which is believed to be fetching offers in the region of $1 million.

It is not yet known why the 'Ayo' hitmaker decided to sell his wheels, but he previously faced a lawsuit after he allegedly failed to keep up the payments on a red 2016 Ferrari 488 which he had leased from Alex Benedict.

Alex stated in November 2016 that he was leasing the flashy car and made an agreement with the 28-year-old rapper in May to take over the payments.

He argued that Tyga failed to pay him any money for the car, and by August the car had been repossessed.

The documents went on to state that the pair then made a second agreement which would allow Tyga to use the vehicle until October 9 2016, but Alex claims the star never returned the car, and it was repossessed for a second time in November.

Alex sought a whopping $150,000 in damages from the '1 of 1' rapper, as well as attorney fees and punitive damages.