Tyga says Kanye West has taught him to ''take a little bit more time'' with music.

The 'Rack City' hitmaker moved over to join the 'Only One' rapper's GOOD Music record label last year and credits the 40-year-old star for helping him approach his craft in a different way.

He said: ''From 'Ye, I see how much time he puts into records. He hears stuff in songs that the average person just doesn't hear. I kind of switched up my recording process. Like I might record something, then, I'll go back into it like a month later. I won't finish it.

''Before I used to finish songs that night. I'd write 'em and be done with it. Now I finish a verse, finish a hook, come back to it, change something, get inspired and change a line. I take a little bit more time with the music now.''

And Tyga, 27, feels working with Kanye has only helped his image.

Asked why he moved over to Kanye's label, he added to Billboard magazine: ''I think it was more of a move kind of like where 'Ye was like, 'Yo. I can help. I just want to help whatever you're doing.' So for me, I just got out of a situation with an artist. So I didn't really wanna be on another artist's [label.] I wanna be able to have my own creative control. I definitely would like your input where you could, but I don't wanna be in the same situation as I was in before. I was cool with doing my own thing really.

''I think what 'Ye brought to the table was the 'Feel Me' verse. He gave me some input on a few records like the Pusha verse [on 'Ski on the Slope']. So now it's definitely making people go like, 'Damn. So he used to rock with [Lil] Wayne. Now he's rocking with 'Ye. This guy gotta be on some s**t.''