Tyga is reportedly back together with his Playboy model girlfriend.

The 28-year-old rapper - who was previously in a long-term on/off relationship with Kylie Jenner - has reportedly rekindled his romance with Carla Howe after they split up in January because she couldn't deal with his ''controlling ways.''

A source told the MailOnline: ''They're back together but they argue a lot because he doesn't like her going out. There have been jealousy issues.

''They both receive a lot of attention from the opposite sex and she feels like they have to learn to adjust and trust each other more.

''She's happy he's in a better place now from when they were dating before and feels like it could go further this time. They're back and better than ever.

''She feels more secure because he invites her to the studio while he's working so that she knows what he's up to. Carla is a loyal person and is giving the romance her all, but sometimes feels like there's a double standard because he gets a lot of girl attention and wasn't 100 per cent truthful last time.''

Tyga and Carla began dating last year - shortly after he split from Kylie - after they began messaging in March and became an official couple in July.

However, things came crashing down less than a year later when Carla became fed up of the rap star's ''controlling ways'' after he requested she delete racy Instagram photos of herself - despite it being her job and earning her money.

It also came around the same time she was being lined up for 'Love Island' - although she didn't appear in the end - and she was worried their relationship would jeopardise her chances of bagging a place on this year's line-up.

Carla has previously dated the likes of 'X Factor' winner James Arthur.