Rapper Tyga has hit back after he was sued for allegedly failing to pay for a watch, suggesting the pricey accessory was a gift.

Bosses at California firm Jason of Beverly Hills are suing Tyga over a $28,275 (£18,850) diamond pantheon timepiece they claim he failed to pay for, as well as a $63,000 (£42,000) diamond Cuban link chain the hip-hop star reportedly borrowed last December (12) but did not return.

The Rack City hitmaker has now taken to his Twitter.com to share his side of the story, insisting it was a present from the company.

He writes, "How u (you) sue for a watch that suppose 2 b a gift (sic). jasonofbh u butthurt? need press that bad? I spent over 500k with u... Loyalty ain't shi I see (sic)!"

Tyga, real name Michael Nguyen-Stevenson, also uploaded a photo of his extensive collection of luxury chains, bracelets and watches and thanked a rival firm.

He added, "Shout out to my Jeweler exoticdiamonds2 !!!!! I don't f*k with #b*tchn**gas jasonofbh (sic)."