Bosses at the Jason of Beverly Hills jewellery store hired lawyers earlier this year (16) in a bid to compel the 26-year-old hip-hop star to pay the $208,330 (£170,200) they claim he owes.

The Rack City hitmaker, real name Micheal Ray Stevenson, was questioned by the plaintiffs' lawyer Boris Treyzon about his earnings and spending habits last month (Oct16), but Tyga had to cut short the session after feeling ill and struggling to recall details about the extravagant gifts he had purchased for Kylie over the past few months.

The meeting was postponed until this week (begs31Oct16), when Kim Kardashian's half-sister was also set to provide information about the presents Tyga had lavished on her, including a $189,000 (£154,400) Mercedes-Benz Maybach car, during their on/off relationship.

However, Tyga has since decided to save Kylie the hassle. His lawyer appeared in court on Tuesday (01Nov16) to reveal his client is in the process of settling the case, and has already handed over $100,000 (£81,700), plus interest, to the owners of Jason of Beverly Hills, reports

He will reportedly pay off the remainder of the outstanding debt by 17 November (16).

Tyga's jewellery debt dates back to January, 2014, when a judge ordered him to pay up for not returning a diamond Cuban link chain he borrowed in 2012, and for failing to pay for a diamond pantheon watch.

It's the latest legal success against the rapper for Treyzon and co-attorney Danny Abir - they also pursued a similar strategy as they attempted to get Tyga to settle a dispute over $480,000 (£392,100) in unpaid rent, damages, compensation for alleged vandalism, and legal fees with a former landlord in August (16).