As expected, a full cast read for the new series of 'Modern Family' which was due to take place on Tuesday morning (July 24, 2012) had to be cancelled after the show's stars failed to show for the reading. However, in latest developments are reporting that a rescheduled cast read has been scheduled for today with the cast set to turn up; these incidents come against a backdrop of contract re-negotiations that have proved fractious on both sides of the fence. However, the new meeting has been agreed to by the cast as a good-will gesture with hopes that the salary issues can be resolved at the same time as work is continuing.

Deadline believes that the actors - who recently went so far as issuing a lawsuit against their bosses - Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara don't want to upset those that ultimately helped make household names of them through the show. However, the longer term future is unclear with no progress reported on negotiations as yet.

The five cast members are reportedly being offered salary increases of $150,000 per episode plus an additional $50,000 bonus per episode for season four, $200,000 per episode for season five, $225,000 for season six and up to $325,000 for a potential season nine. The cast, however, is asking for much more; they are currently believed to be on around $65,000 per episode, though their other cast mate Ed ONeill is on around $105,000 and has been negotiating separately.