Cult rock duo Two Gallants were caught up in an onstage brawl with a police officer midway through performing a concert in Houston, Texas on Friday (13OCT06). The incident at Walter's resulted in numerous arrests, including Two Gallants drummer TYSON VOGEL, TRAINWRECK RIDERS rockers ANDREW KERWIN and SEAN KOHLER, who were also on the bill, and some fans. The three musicians spent the night in jail and were released the next day on $1,400 (GBP780) bail. Arresting officer GM RODRIGUEZ, arrived at the club to investigate a noise complaint. Police allege Rodriguez was attacked by a mob and was forced to use his Taser gun. However, Two Gallants singer/guitarist ADAM STEPHENS rubbishes police claims he used a "sexual obscenity and shoved the officer with his shoulder" when confronted by Rodriguez mid-song. Stephens tells website, "When I turned around to sing the last verse, this cop was there. (He) had a flashlight in his hand and it was turned on, he was pointing it at me and walking towards me and yelling at us to stop. "And I questioned him once and he didn't give me any answer, he just yelled at me to stop again. And I think I questioned him one more time. I wasn't rude about it. I had no idea what was going on. He didn't give me any explanation after me asking twice. This all happened in a matter of seconds. "And at that point, he simultaneously put his arm around my guitar and around my neck and threw me down to the ground. "As far as I remember Tyson was there pretty much when he grabbed me, because Tyson jumped over his drums. And he threw Tyson down immediately as well, and was on top of both of us. "There's no way I shoved him at all. He completely took the first offensive move by throwing us to the ground. Immediately a bunch of our friends rushed the stage and pulled him off of us somehow." Before Vogel was arrested, his bandmate Stephens says he was shot with Rodriguez's Taser gun, before running out of the club and being picked up by some fans. Stephens says, "(The cop) saw me and he pointed at me, and said something like, 'Get down on the ground, you're going to jail,' and he Tased me a couple of times in the stomach. It didn't hurt that bad, I think he had it on a low setting, but anyway, I backed off." The band are now planning to take legal action.