Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider's teenage son JESSE has lashed out at JACK OSBOURNE - for giving rock star kids a bad name.

Snider hates everything Ozzy Osbourne's son stands for and can't bear to watch Jack fool around on reality TV hit The Osbournes.

He says, "I hope I don't look like Jack Osbourne. I mean talk about taking c*** for granted. I'm a spoiled brat, sure, but, come on."

Jesse Snider claims his father's financial troubles helped him to gain a clear perspective on life.

He adds, "When my dad's band broke up we were strapped for cash and I just stopped asking for things.

"I've had tough times - the mother of a kid from down the block once forbid her son from hanging out with me because of who my father was. I can understand that."