Twisted Sister star Dee Snider needed a minder in the band's heyday - to stop him attacking fans at gigs.
The colourful rocker lost his temper at shows when concertgoers threw beer onstage, and had to be restrained from diving into the audience to reprimand rowdy fans.
He says, "I was given a bodyguard because I was beating up the audience because they were throwing s**t at me. I had a short fuse for sure but I'm much better now. I grew up being the oddball, getting mocked and harassed for being different, crazier, and scarier and I wouldn't take s**t from people for being an individual.
"My lawyer is like, 'You can't attack the audience. You have money now and fame and they will sue you!'"
But Snider quickly realised a bodyguard could come in handy: "I was sent to a promotional appearance in Australia and we were leaving and some car pulls up next to our limo and this guy screams out, 'You f**kin' suck!' My bodyguard jumps out of the car, rips open their door, pulls the guy out, bam, bam, bam, punches him out, leaves him in the street, gets back in the car and says to me, 'How was that boss?'"
And his minder kept the weirdos at bay: "You'd get the guys coming to the show bringing me bloody bones because they saw the (album) cover of Stay Hungry, where I'm holding a bloody bone."