Twisted Sister rocker Dee Snider is elated Arnold Schwarzenegger is using WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT as the anthem for his political campaign - because the action star inspired the 1984 hit.

Snider only met the would-be California Governor for the first time on Sunday (05OCT03), when they appeared together at a rally. But Snider insists he's been a fan for decades.

Twisted Sister's 1984 best-selling album STAY HUNGRY was inspired by a Schwarzenegger book Snider read in the early 1980s. Schwarzenegger also starred in a 1976 movie with the same title.

The rocker says, "It motivated me. I dedicated the song on the album to him."

After the album sold millions, the group sent Schwarzenegger a commemorative plaque. So when Schwarzenegger's campaign contacted Snider for permission to use We're Not Gonna Take It, Snider, who wrote the tune, didn't hesitate to say yes.

He notes, "I told them, 'I f***in' love it.'"

And Snider says he's unfazed by the recent sexual misconduct charges swirling around Schwarzenegger, explaining, "He was a movie star, for God's sake! The fact is, men are dogs. If we took all the dogs out of jobs of importance, we'd have a lot of empty offices."

While Snider does not condone such behaviour, he says it isn't very surprising for Hollywood, adding that he told the actor, "In the '70s, if I wasn't groped, I was offended!"

But Snider won't be voting for Schwarzenegger today (07OCT03) because he lives in Long Island, New York.

With Schwarzenegger leading in the polls, however, he jokes, "I'm thinking about moving!"

07/10/2003 09:06