Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan is grateful he befriended Dennis Hopper on the golf course before he died earlier this year (10) - because the movie icon was too intense to get close to on the movie set.
MACLachlan worked with Hopper on what was only his second film, Blue Velvet, and never really got the chance to get close to the Easy Rider star.
Years later, the pair became golfing buddies and the Canadian star will always cherish the more laidback moments he got to spend with Hopper.
He tells WENN, "I have great memories of Dennis, both on film and also we played a lot of golf together. He found golf and it became his healthier addiction after the turbulence of his early days, although some people might argue with that.
"Blue Velvet was my second film, so I was pretty green, so just watching Dennis work and seeing the level and intensity of emotion that he brought to the role and the commitment that he brought to that role was an education for me. I always wanted to work with him as a director but I always thought that I was maybe not as intense as he needed his actors to be.
"Then we had a second revisit of friendship on the golf course and we played golf together and he would smoke cigars on the course. He wasn't very good at it (golf) but he so enjoyed the game. There's something nice about being on the golf course with someone who's a friend; it's probably a guy thing but it's just a nice give and take that goes on."