Twiggy takes a blue eye pencil with her ''everywhere''.

The 67-year-old sixties icon has admitted she won't leave the house without the coloured cosmetic product, and the veteran model has claimed she would ''die'' without her moisturiser because she has suffered with dry skin since she was a teenager.

Speaking about the beauty items she cannot go without, she said: ''I take my blue eye pencil everywhere.

''I would die without my moisturiser as I've had dry skin since I was a teenager.''

And the star - whose real name is Lesley Lawson- has revealed she always heats her eyelash curlers with her hairdryer to get a fuller curve.

She explained: ''Also, I heat my eyelash curlers with my hairdryer as that way your lashes curl instantly, but test the heat on your hand first.''

The fashion muse has revealed she has had to ''live'' with her wrinkles, although she doesn't ''love'' the ageing lines.

She said: ''People have become so obsessed with this youth thing.

''We can't do anything about getting older. I'm not going to say I'm in love with my wrinkles, but I've certainly learnt to live with them. They're a natural part of being human, so there's no point wishing them away.''

And Twiggy has revealed she follows a simple skincare routine, and doesn't ''agree'' with using expensive products as she doesn't find them as effective.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''In the morning I clean my face by splashing it with water - I never use soap or an astringent or anything like that. Then I moisturise.

''I always remove my make-up before going to bed.

''I don't agree with spending a fortune on creams and it's not necessarily the most expensive ones that work for me. I have always managed to find fabulous creams that don't cost the earth.''