Twiggy has ''never'' faced ageism or sexism.

The 67-year-old modelling icon insists she hasn't ever been discriminated against, though she finds it frustrating when young models are chosen to promote products for older people

Asked if we live in an ageist world, she said: ''Probably, but I'm not the one to ask as my life has been so bizarre and I have been given such wonderful opportunities, to model, work in films, become a recording artist, work on Broadway, do my range...

''So I feel blessed to be given these chances.

''I have never faced ageism or sexism in my life, but I am sure they exist.

''I hate it when 19 year olds are used to sell anti-ageing creams. When I see pictures of myself, I want to see my real face.''

And Twiggy insists she'd rather age naturally than have cosmetic surgery or treatments like wrinkle-smoothing Botox injections.

She said in a recent interview: ''I'm a coward, I had an operation once years ago because I had to and the anaesthetic was horrible.

''I also work in the US a lot and I don't like some of the faces I see - they are like creatures. I have friends who have had great, really subtle work done by great surgeons, but still it's not for me.

''[Am I tempted by Botox?] No, never. Why would I inject a poison into my fce? I've got friends who can't frown and that's weird.

''But the worst thing is those fillers - people look ridiculous.

''Especially the chipmunk cheek and lips - I just don't get it at all.

''Where people slip up is they think they're going to look younger. I don't want to look 35 because I'm not - I just want to look good for my age.''