Sixties supermodel Twiggy has launched a scathing attack on the fashion industry, accusing it of causing anorexia among angst-ridden teens. The British beauty insists stick-thin celebrities and high-profile magazines promote unhealthy images and cause debilitating mental illnesses. And she insists the eating disorders are no longer confined to the catwalk - admitting she has seen pupils at her daughter's school starving themselves. She says, "Unfortunately the fashion industry, which thinks clothes look better on skinny people and the media, are responsible for putting pressure on girls to look thin. They shouldn't. "Why does everyone have to be thin? You get it outside the modelling world: there were two or three anorexics at Carly's school. At 16 or 17 you're so conscious of your body image. It's an awful age when nothing is right about your appearance. "It's so dangerous because these girls buy magazines where everyone is a size two. "It's obscene, they read them as if they're the bible."