TV On The Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe considered ending the band's run following the death of bassist Gerard Smith and a highly-successful worldwide tour.

The Wolf Like Me hitmakers released their fourth studio album, Nine Types Of Light in April, 2011 to critical acclaim, but just nine days later, Smith passed away after a battle with lung cancer.

In an interview with Billboard, Adebimpe admits he thought about disbanding the group, although he never specifically mentions Smith or other factors that contributed to his thoughts of breaking up the band.

He reveals, "At the end of the last album and tour cycle I was on the page of, 'We could put this down right now and I'd feel really good about what we've done.' We're going out on maybe not the highest note possible, but a really respectable note. I really felt like we could knock it off."

Adebimpe has since reconsidered and now the band has a new album called Seeds, a project which the frontman has high hopes for.

He adds, "I'm really glad that we didn't, and that we decided to get it together to do this, because it feels really good. It feels like a natural cycling back to something and having it feel really fresh."