Slain rapper Tupac Shakur's godmother has become the first woman added to the Fbi's Most-Wanted Terrorists list.

Joanne Chesimard, who is now known as Assata Shakur, was convicted of the murder of a state trooper in 1977, but she escaped prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba, where the now-66 year old has become a thorn in the U.S. government's side for allegedly advocating revolution and terrorism against America.

A spokesman for the Fbi's Newark division in New Jersey, where Chesimard was arrested, tells the New York Times, "She's a danger to the American government."

Chesimard was a member of civil rights organisation the Black Panther Party in the 1960s and 1970s.

The reward for her capture stands at $2 million (£1.25 million).