Tupac Shakur's death is set to be investigated again as part of a new Tv documentary.

National Geographic Channel bosses will explore the rapper's 2006 slaying as part of the series The '90s: The Last Great Decade?, which begins in America on Sunday (06Jul14).

A segment featuring Arsenio Hall, video director Gobi Rahimi and rapper Malcolm 'E.D.I. Mean' Greenridge will focus on the circumstances of Tupac's shooting death.

And Greenridge is hoping the documentary piece might help police uncover new evidence that will bring the rap star's killer to justice.

He says, "Law enforcement around the country weren't big Tupac fans. I'm absolutely positive they know what happened. This is America. We found Bin Laden."

He adds, "I believe that if Justin Bieber had gotten shot in Tupac's car, we'd know more."