Already set to be one of the comebacks of 2012 despite not technically being alive, Tupac Shakur looks set to capitalize on his much-hyped Coachella Festival set by going on tour with the pair that put him there, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. Thousands were shocked in California as an extremely lifelike Tupac - who was shot dead in 1996 - made a startling appearance during the pair's headlining set, turning up to sing a song with Dogg and even giving a shout out to Coachella.

We know, of course, that it was a hologram, yet it's still provided one of the largest talking points of the week. There's even been a successful debut on social media by the virtual rapper, adding fuel to the fire, with HologramTupac now boasting over 20,000 Twitter followers in little more than a day.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Digital Domain Media Group, who created Hologram Tupac, are in talks with Dre and Dogg for their "man" to go on tour with them. A spokesperson said of the visual that crowds saw in Coachella at the weekend, "This is not found footage. This is not archival footage. This is an illusion," added "This is just the beginning, Dre has a massive vision for this." Of course, some witty observers might suggest that they've already witnessed a hologram music star in performance this year, having seen Madonna's 'Super Bowl Half-Time Show,' we of course would never be so harsh.