Hip-hop svengali JIMMY ROSEMOND is to sue the Los Angeles Times over an article the newspaper printed linking him to Tupac Shakur's murder. Rosemond, who manages the Game and Gucci Mane, was named in the same article that connected rap mogul Diddy to a 1994 gun attack on Shakur. The newspaper's deputy managing editor Marc Duvoisin and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chuck Philips, who wrote the Times piece has since publicly apologised. The newspaper also ran a full apology on it's front page on Thursday (27Mar08) after Diddy's attorney demanded a retraction. And while Diddy is still considering legal action against the newspaper's bosses, for printing an article based on fabricated information, Rosemond is keen to strike. He's intent on suing the Times for damages. He tells RollingStone.com, "The rumour was always there but when a person like L.A. Times' Pulitzer Prize winner Chuck Philips writes about it, the folklore becomes real for my life and everybody's life around me." Rosemond reveals Philips and his bosses were warned about publishing the article, which first surfaced online last weekend (23Mar08), and then appeared in print this week (beg24Mar08). He adds, "Myself, along with my attorney, emailed him (Philips) and his chief editor, saying we don't know where you are getting your information from but whatever you're about to write is going to be a lie because we just know that there ain't no truth to this. "Phillips emailed us back stating that he would not be frightened out of writing his truth with scare tactics... We blatantly tried to warn them that they were getting into something that they had no idea what it was." Rosemond claims the article has cost him potential clients: "There's a few guys that won't meet with me because of this."