LATEST: Rap icon Tupac Shakur has been immortalised in wax for a new tribute to him in Las Vegas, Nevada. Artists spent months perfecting Shakur's look for a special unveiling ceremony - to launch Madame Tussauds new On Stage exhibit - last night (05APR06) in front of his sister and aunt. The wax portrait is of a shirtless Tupac, sporting a bandana and displaying his tattoos. Tupac joins Prince, Bono, SIR Elton John and Elvis Presley, among other icons in the new exhibition. Shakur's mother AFENI, who refused to attend the unveiling in the city where her son was shot dead, said in a statement, "Our family is all but speechless by this great honour being granted my son by Madame Tussauds. "We are all tremendously grateful that his legacy will live on through this attraction. We came from a very humble background and there was nothing in our lives that would indicate the Shakur name would ever be celebrated in such a timeless fashion. "I am extremely proud of my family for taking part in the unveiling ceremony. I think people will also understand why - at an emotional level - I am still unable to return to Las Vegas."