Tulisa Contostavlos is ''afraid'' to do karaoke.

The former N-Dubz singer admits she loves getting on the mic and belting out her favourite songs, but she's too embarrassed to do so in public in case people recognise her and think she's seeking attention, instead of just having fun.

She said: ''I'm a karaoke fan - it's just finding somewhere because I'm afraid to do karaoke and then everyone says: 'I swear that's the girl.' I'd feel like a t**t and someone would say: 'Looking for attention, are you love?' But at home it's karaoke every night in my house.''

But one of the things the 28-year-old singer definitely won't be performing on karaoke is her own 2012 single 'Sight Of You'.

She explained: '''Sight Of You' reminds me of a dark period in my life. So when I hear it I literally have to go. 'Get it off, get it off, it doesn't exist!''

Tulisa will never forget seeing the late Michael Jackson - who died in 2009 - perform live on his 1997 'HIStory' world tour and admits the gig was the best she's ever seen.

She told NME magazine: ''I saw him live on the 'HIStory' tour, where he stormed on stage with a rocket. He was all dressed in gold. I was so young, my auntie took me and I burst in to tears. I've never been in such an environment. It was like watching magic come to life. Basically, it was the best experience ever.''

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter recently revealed she is back on track with her solo career - following on from a ''blackout period'' - which saw the star faced with a leaked sex tape of her and ex-partner Justin Edwards in 2012, followed by being charged with drink driving earlier this year.

She said: ''I think hard times either bring out the best in you or the worst, and I think I've luckily managed to bring out all the positives in myself.''

Tulisa's former group N-Dubz - which also included her cousin Dappy and former boyfriend Fazer - went on hiatus in 2011, but the 'Sweet Like Chocolate' singer recently admitted she hasn't ruled out a reunion in the future.

She said: ''Anything's possible. We just haven't sat down and had a conversation or put a plan in motion.

''One day we'll all just turn around and go 'Are we doing it? Shall we do it?' and it'll just happen. At the moment I guess we're all working on our solo bits but it's always a possibility.''