The young star of the original True Grit has heaped praise on newcomer Hailee Steinfeld's portrayal of MATTIE ROSS in the Coen Brothers remake, but urges her to take care when choosing her next project.
Actress Kim Darby played the spunky teenager opposite John Wayne in the 1969 movie and she admits she was blown away by the new version.
She says, "It’s a wonderful movie. It’s top drawer... and she’s just extraordinary in the film."
The actress was particularly impressed with the teenager's horseriding skills in the film: "God bless her that she did the whole thing. I am really afraid of horses. I had a stunt double. She was about 65. They made a mask of my face out of clay and she would wear that and it would match my profile."
Darby reveals to the Los Angeles Times she has already been in touch with Steinfeld's agent in a bid to make sure she has a more lucrative career as a child star than she did.
The 65 year old adds, "I said to her agent, 'Be sure you’re careful what she does next. The next thing is what is so important.'"
Darby’s films after True Grit were flops and the actress eventually gave up her dream of becoming a movie star to teach.
Darby isn't the only one impressed by Steinfeld's break-out role - the teenager has already won Best Supporting Actress awards from the Online Film Critics Association and the Chicago Critics and she's among the favourites to land an Oscar nomination later this month (25Jan11).