True Grit star Jeff Bridges celebrates the end of every movie with a heavy drinking session.
While so many stars seek the refuge of rehab when they find themselves drinking to excess, Bridges insists he does it to cap the experience of completing a film.
The Oscar winner tells The Hollywood Reporter, "There was always a relationship... between booze and pot and drugs and all those things. It's an element in my life. I'm not in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or anything now, but I do drink occasionally.
"I have a cycle that is not particularly cool... Trash myself to reward myself.
"When I've done a good job, I've worked my a** off in a movie and been very disciplined, then to reward myself... (I'll) say, 'Go ahead and do what you want.'"
But he always worries how his ritual boozing will impact upon his wife, Susan, who has been sober for 15 years.
Bridges adds, "I was concerned about how that (his drinking) was going to affect her sobriety and also how it was going to affect her relationship with me.
"She dealt with this all so gracefully. She said, 'My own sobriety has nothing to do with anybody else'."