The former Police frontman has six children and his eldest daughter with wife Trudie Styler, Brigitte Michael, will welcome her first child early next month (Jan17). The new baby will be Sting's sixth grandchild and he feels he is able to dedicate more time to the new additions to his family now that he has firmly carved out his career.

"I think I'm probably a better grandparent than I was a dad," he told U.S. morning show Live! with Kelly on Tuesday (20Dec16). "I'm older now, I love them. I love my other kids, but you know I was a rock star. Now I'm a granddad."

The new baby is due just after film producer Trudie turns 63 and if the child arrives on time, will share a birthday with the couple's late friend David Bowie.

The stars opened up about the tot's impending birth during an appearance on U.S. talk show Watch What Happens Live! last week (ends16Dec16), when Trudie recalled a special memory about David, who passed away in January, 2016, two days after he turned 69.

"We had similar birthdays," she said. "His was January the eighth and mine is the sixth. I was pregnant with our first baby, Mickey (Brigitte Michael), and he was onstage in New York. He saw us at the side of the stage and saw my very pregnant belly and he came over and said... 'That's a girl you're having!' It was just so kind of him to see me first. And now our daughter is having her first baby at the beginning of January. We're all Capricorns."