German model-turned-actress DIANE KRUGER sparked a karaoke craze on the set of Troy in Mexico when the cast were left idle after Hurricane Marty destroyed the set.

The sexy star, who plays HELEN OF TROY in the epic, hated the idea of sitting around for weeks while filming was shut down, so she started karaoke wars among the cast and crew.

She says, "Mexico was really tough on everyone, with the set being destroyed and the weather being so bad, and everyone was really worried, so nobody was allowed to leave in case the weather changed.

"I was there for two months and I shot nine days, so I did this karaoke thing even though I'm the worst singer. It was bad.

"ORLANDO (BLOOM) isn't bad and Sean Bean is good. He's a good singer."

But one star who didn't join in the karaoke fun was Brad Pitt.

Kruger adds, "He didn't do karaoke. It's really hard for him to go anywhere outside his house. We did a few dinner parties in people's houses.

"He's so normal, though. I guess it's been happening to him for so long, he made peace with all the fame and stuff."

09/05/2004 21:01