Country star Trisha Yearwood is planning a major comeback after a three-year break to concentrate on her relationship with boyfriend Garth Brooks and his daughters - but she hopes the press leave her alone.

Speculation about the couple's romance, and rumours about her spiralling weight problems and possible pregnancy, dogged Yearwood and Brooks while they were trying to enjoy some time together on their Oklahoma farm.

And now Yearwood fears her comeback, which she launched on Monday night (11APR05) at the CMT MUSIC AWARDS in Nashville, Tennessee, will put her back in the media glare.

She says, "One of them (tabloids) said I weighed 200 pounds and I wasn't far away from that but I didn't weight that and I went, 'They're gonna say what I weigh and get it right.'"

The 40-year-old, who was previously married to THE MAVERICKS star ROBERT REYNOLDS, insists her life is very different to what it was three years ago.

She adds, "Before, my life had to accommodate my career and now my career has to accommodate my life."

13/04/2005 09:29