Country star Trisha Yearwood suffered a mid-air scare during a flight home to Oklahoma last week (ends22Aug08) when a cracked window pane forced pilots of her plane to stage an emergency landing.
The singer, who is married to Garth Brooks, and her fellow passengers were in the air for an hour when they were shaken by "a loud pop".
The "gunshot" sound was in fact the cracking of the front left window of the plane at 30,000 feet.
Yearwood tells, "The flight attendant came back and told us to remain calm. That's when we saw the two pilots with the oxygen masks on. Hearing them breathe like Darth Vader made it a little harder to stay calm."
The pilots managed to land the plane in Baltimore, Maryland before the window break became a huge problem.
Yearwood is still amazed the emergency landing wasn't more frantic: "We never lost cabin pressure, so we didn't have to use our oxygen masks. I can't imagine what might have happened if that window had shattered at 30,000 feet!"